Our Story

It was in the 1990’s when two sisters from the Mediterranean expanded their love and flair for delicious family foods in a modest coffee shop. 

A talent engrained from birth, a passion in their blood and genuine care for every creation, enabled them to serve these unforgettable flavours that captured the hearts of many leaving guests wanting more. This is how Olives & Plates was born.

Over the years, Olives and Plates has grown with the same love into every branch it possesses. A dynamic composition of eateries, cafe’s and restaurants as well as catering and conferences, maintaining the same quality and service that envelops our guests into our family.

As a business we are mindful of local and international food trends within the quality healthy and wholesome meals we create. We maintain our professionalism, presentation, and service with surpassing standards to which we pride ourselves. As a family we are constantly innovating new layers to the flavours of our roots to ensure our guests savour an unforgettable dining experience in our home.


We aim to uplift our staff through education, training and care as well as creating a community of fellow food-lovers for whom we cook to captivate and serve to please. Every detail you can imagine is our vision of creation. We will go the extra mile for you as we always appreciate your business.

"As a family we are constantly innovating new layers to the flavours of our roots..."