Every detail you can imagine is our vision of creation. Always fresh and of highest quality, our professional catering services will give your guests an experience to savour. Private events, celebrations and corporate events – hosted at our venue or yours. We follow our guests’ requests and assist in infusing the latest local and international gourmet trends into their unique personal needs. We cook to captivate and serve to please.





A taste for your needs

Buffet & Harvest Table

A beautiful display of a wide selection of your favourite dishes from which your guests can dish up as per their own tastes, usually served warm or room temperature. 

These tables are ideal for weddings and birthdays as a starter, main and dessert.

Artisan Boxes

A chest of our treasures, carefully placed, decorated and tailored to your personal taste. 

These boxes are ideal for virtual meetings, corporate gifting and picnics as either finger foods, mains or dessert. 

Formal Dining

Each plate is a unique creation creatively designed to enhance your formal dining experience. 

Formal dining is ideal for weddings and events and is recommended for lunch or dinner.


A dynamic artisanal spread of small dishes best shared.

These spreads are ideal for weddings, corporate events and private functions as appetizers, starters or as part of our unique harvest tables.


Bite size food to tantalise the taste buds, usually served before mains as a taste of more to come. 

These delicious bites are ideal for cocktail events, pre-wedding receptions, corporate and private functions. They are best served as appetizers or light meals. 


Mini bowls of food, beautifully compiled that together make up a substantial meal. Normally served by a waiter.
Best served at cocktail and networking events for corporate and private functions.


Indulgent and delicious, sweet sensations eaten in celebration or at the end of a meal.  

These delectable desserts are ideal for birthdays, baby showers, formal and informal events and high teas. 

High Tea

An exquisite array of luxurious, decadent confectionaries and scrumptious savoury snacks, beautifully created and garnished in an elegant, inviting presentation.

Ideal for birthdays, kitchen teas, baby showers, formal and informal events.

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